Sparkling Spring:Henskens Rankin

Freida Henskens and David Rankin

We here at Vintage Tasmania are celebrating Sparkling Spring! There are a dozen bottles of Tasmanian sparkling wine produced by small, and often family, businesses in our competition case. Each week we are going to meet the faces behind the fizz. First up, we have Freida and David from Henskens Rankin of Tasmania. Here’s your chance to get to know winemaker Freida, a little better.

Where is your favourite place in Tasmania to drink bubbles?

On a yacht/ boat in the sunshine sailing somewhere slowly around Tasmania.

Where is your favourite ‘close to home’ escape?

Bruny Island or Mount Field

What do you cook when you want to show off your sparkling wine at home?

The Vintage Brut is big enough and complex to hold it’s own with pretty much anything, but for the Rose; slow roasted char sui pork or marinated spatchcock/quail. Blanc de blanc chicken/ mushroom/ haloumi (I can’t eat fish/ seafood…). Everything with antipasto, Tasmanian cheeses, fresh crusty bread & fresh herby butter.

Who would you like to share a bottle of your sparkling wine with and why?

My elder sister Tui. She’s been alone in Melbourne since the covid-19 thing started – has a really good palette, brilliant conversationalist and is easily persuaded…

What is your favourite thing about Spring in Tasmania?

Vintage is getting closer! Okay, that’s global.  Pipe opener races on the Derwent, followed by bubbles!

What has been your most unexpected Tasmanian discovery?

I came to Tasmania as a post-doctoral scientist researching in farm forestry, so apart from meeting my husband-to-be in the CSIRO forestry tea-room,  it also appears that I can make sparkling wine…

Who makes the best bubbles in Tasmania (apart from you!)

I fell head over heels with Tasmanian bubbles drinking Steve Lubiana’s orange label.  All of his wines are beautiful, particularly the sparkling. Really, there are so many great producers that it’s really down to stylistic preference.

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