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Est. 2001

Micheal and Mary Wilson returned to Tasmania in 1991 after living in Italy and France for a decade. Micheal had been an Olympic cyclist and joined the professional ranks, racing in all the major European events.
Imbued with a love of wine and food, they spent seven long hard years in the restaurant game.
Somehow, Micheal found time to become a qualified viticulturist, and was vineyard manager for Moorilla Estate based at St Matthias; Mary spent five years working in wine wholesaling for leading distributors. In 2001 they purchased the Legana Vineyard, planted so long ago, and they have since painstakingly rehabilitated the almost 50-year-old vines.


This wine is named after our daughter who was born in France in 1991
A pale straw-gold wine. Sparkles delicately with an enduring bead. Sumptuous in texture with tangy acidity. A beautiful blend of chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meuniere. Super long finish
Ideal with freshly shucked oysters

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