Pipers Brook Vineyard

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1216 Pipers Brook Road,
Pipers Brook,


Phone:(03) 6382 7527
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Established in 1974, Pipers Brook Vineyard is a pioneer and leader in the Tasmanian wine industry.  Pipers Brook wines are entirely estate grown and bottled, and take advantage of time-honoured traditional methods as well as advanced oenological developments.

This approach allows the utmost integrity of the product throughout the entire process.  An uncompromising stance in regards to site selection, and a meticulous approach to viticulture and winemaking create wines which are a distinctive reflection of both the vineyard and region of origin.


Pipers Brook– Located in the prestigious maritime wine region of northern Tasmania at a latitude of 41° south, the cool coastal slopes of the Pipers Brook wine region and the east-southeast facing slopes of our Vineyards have produced a truly exceptional cuvee, which has captured all the unique characteristics and expression of fine sparkling wine. Utilizing the noble varieties of pinot noir and chardonnay, the result is this outstanding new release under our most treasured of brands “Pipers Brook Vineyard”, and we take extreme pride and pleasure to release this Sparkling called “Pipers”.

Kreglinger- The cool coastal slopes and pristine environment of the Pipers Brook region in northern Tasmania provide an ideal environment for the production of premium sparkling wines.  Sourced from a vineyard site which is dedicated to the production of sparkling wines, the fruit is picked by hand before being transported to the nearby winery to be delicately pressed. Consisting the Kreglinger Vintage Brut, Kreglinger Brut de Blancs and Kreglinger Vintage Brut Rosé, these hand crafted wines are 100% estate grown, produced and bottled and display the finesse, harmony and complexities that have become synonymous with Kreglinger.

Ninth Island-  although often shrouded by ocean mists, is visible from our vineyards in northern Tasmania. The island name is used for our range of fresh, early drinking wines that capture the distinctive cool-climate flavours of Tasmania. The climate is perfectly suited to the production of premium sparkling wine. WinemakingObjective:  In the creation of this non-vintage sparkling wine, we aim for a consistent, easy drinking style. The use of pinot meunier plays an important part in the immediate enjoyment and accessibility of the style. Acting as a flavour ‘accelerator’, pinot meunier gives bright fruit notes on the nose and also acts to flesh out the middle palate.

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