Leaning Church Vineyard



76 Brooks Road,
Tasmania, 7267


Phone: (03) 6395-4447
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.leaningchurch.com.au


Facebook: Leaning Church Vineyard
Twitter: @LeaningChurch


Owners Mark and Sarah Hirst have spent the past four years fine tuning their 24-year-old vineyard (formerly Lalla Gully) to ensure every wine speaks volumes about the unique natural amphitheatre where they bask.

We pride ourselves on producing wines that can be appreciated by connoisseurs and enjoyed by novices. Each variety has its own unique style, singing the song of our vineyard. We hand-prune our vines and hand-pick our fruit, ensuring attention to detail and exceptional quality.

Our wine is made by Mr Jeremy Dineen, from Joseph Chromy Wines, who spends considerable time with us in the vineyard to ensure our vine management techniques will shape the styles of wine we want to bottle.

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