Lunch into Learning

In 2020, the importance of food and farming in Tasmania was hammered home to us. This crisis will end and as our children return to school, it will be time for them to Lunch into Learning.

For starters : An outline
A handful of students from Year 3 and above are selected to become the peer group lunchtime leaders for their school. These children take part in the program will learn:
How our food community in Tasmania operates
Who the people are that work in and around Tasmanian food
What is seasonal produce
How food and culture interact
What makes up a healthy and affordable meal
How to present and share this information with their peers.

Main course: Activities
Lunches with a local chef/food producer/farmer
Make a seasonal food display for the school
Seasonal assembly presentation by the lunchtime leaders
Recipe creation with a local chef and nutritionist
Organising a school tasting festival for the three dishes they have created
Design layout to circulate the recipes through the school community.

Dessert: Learning Outcomes
Leadership skills
Presentation and persuasive communication skills
Understanding seasonal food cycles
Empowered to explore different foods, flavours and cooking techniques
Understanding the importance of food and farming to our community
An introduction to jobs in the food and farming sector