Vintage Tasmania:Grow

As the late Whitney Houston said, “I believe the children are our future, Teach them well and let them lead the way…”

Here at Vintage Tasmania, we believe that our children growing up in Tasmania should have the opportunity to understand and embrace the food and farming industry in our state. Grow exists to:

  • Inspire children to explore and understand the fresh food produced in Tasmania.
  • Offer opportunities for children to meet and be inspired by leading Tasmanians in the food industry.
  • Provide a pathway for young and inexperienced Tasmanians to enter and thrive within the industry.
  • Increase awareness internationally of excellence within the Tasmanian food & drinks industry.
  • Work with other Tasmanian businesses and industries to promote economic growth in our state.
  • Empowering Tasmania’s youth to feel ownership of our thriving food and drink production.
  • Improve food literacy amongst young Tasmanians.
  • Raise awareness of indigenous foods across Tasmania.
  • Strong links between industry, education and consumer.
  • To help create an inclusive, educated, skilled and dynamic food and drink industry.