Food news 5th April 2018

It’s a busy weekend here in Tasmania, there is so much going on in the food world! Firstly, there’s some sad news, avocado season is almost over. Avoland Avocados will be at Harvest Launceston this Saturday for the last time in the season. Make sure you head down on Saturday morning and make it a sell out for them.

Saturday is a very busy day up north, Taste of the North West is on, as is the Gin Fair at the Tasmanian Food  and Wine Conservatory. Be kind to your non-drinkers and pregnant friends and make sure they drive, safety never takes a day off and you all need to get home safe. Buy them presents as a thank you for keeping everyone safe.

It’s been glorious watching Massimo Mele gallivant around Tasmania, particularly the North, as he searches out the suppliers for the new restaurant, Grain, at the Silos in Launceston. He’s been mucking about with the pigs at Langdale Farm, tasting the beers at Seven Sheds, salivating over the marbling in a Cape Grim beef steak and he’s been loving every minute of it.

Seasonal veg is in glorious technicolour at the moment, the purple cauliflower is back, stripy beetroot, purple congo potatoes, the last of the heirloom tomatoes, Cox’s Orange Pippins, Lady in the Snow, the list never ends! It’s a great time to #vegitup so get down to your local farmers market, farm gate or side of the road seller and embrace all we have in this autumnal sunshine.

Speaking of autumn, the clocks have gone back so it’s going to be time to hygge…

Listen again here (forward to 01:38:00-go back an extra few minutes if you want to hear some delightful music)